Those living in the East Neuk have a love of the area – from the high laws to the ancient harbours. Some can trace their roots back centuries: others may have moved to the area today. All love the unique landscape and undeniable natural beauty.

This project is a coming-together of those who share a vision … to ensure that the East Neuk continues to be an area where people choose to live, work and play, an area with a sustainable future where all can enjoy the outstanding scenic value, today and tomorrow …

1971 to 2071 …

Almost half of the population can recall 50 years ago, but more than 50% of residents are under 50.

In the last half century, the East Neuk has seen substantial changes. This project’s vision is about looking towards the next 50.

Collectively, how can we all help to make it work …

  • Quality Homes – for those choosing to live here.
  • Businesses – providing quality jobs that help to sustain our local economy.
  • Communities – supporting a myriad of local groups, organisations, societies, clubs and associations to ensure the East Neuk continues to thrive.
  • Culture & Tourism – both physical and virtual attractions.
  • Education & Training – to support each and every generation.
  • Our Environment – to protect our countryside, wildlife and intangible cultural heritage.
  • Well-being – to deliver health and social care where it is needed most, again – physically and virtually.

EastNeukNow aims to showcase those who strive to deliver the very best for the East Neuk.

Everyone who lives, works, studies or holidays in the area – using the East Neuk’s businesses and facilities – plays a key part in determining tomorrow.

Small Steps …

We are only a small team. We are passionate about how managed, integrated digital communication and services can make a positive difference – especially at a local level.

We have seen how it can help to support multiple audiences. Can it be delivered across the East Neuk to support communities and more?

Big ambitions …

In late 2020, aware of the significant issues facing so many across the area who are unable to access the right levels of digital connectivity – whether homes or businesses – we launched this site with a registration process, asking all who might be interested in a community network, so ‘sign up’.

Many have done so to date: the map below shows locations of those who have registered their interest.

Our plan?

We want to launch a gigabit-capable community network that will not only provide the connectivity people need but – through their ongoing subscriptions – will enable community-benefit investment to deliver managed, integrated digital communication and services that will support multiple audiences across the East Neuk’s communities.

More will be published over the coming weeks and months. In the meantime, we are starting the ball rolling – helping to amplify all that the East Neuk has to offer.


Thanks for reading.