A Living Choice

Many families face a conundrum when elderly relatives start to find it hard to manage in their own homes. The choices often appear stark: remain ‘as is’ and try to manage in what can often be larger, older and colder ‘family homes’ or delay and then face a seismic shift with potentially high fees and all of the problems associated with finding the ‘right’ care package or nursing home. Those life choices led two families to explore a “middle-ground alternative” – and Songbird Spaces is the result.

Space to breathe …

Art Advisor and ex-Director of Impressionist and Modern Art at Sotheby’s, Sophie Camu Lindsay, is organising the first ‘Space to Breathe’ exhibition and festival with husband and photographer, Alexander Lindsay. 

Community Broadband Meeting with Q&A

Home and business owners from across the East Neuk are invited to register for an Open Meeting with Q&A where plans for a gigabit-capable community network are to be presented.


Those living in the East Neuk have a love of the area – from the high laws to the ancient harbours. Some can trace their roots back centuries: others may have moved to the area today. All love the unique landscape and undeniable natural beauty.

This project is a coming-together of those who share a vision … to ensure that the East Neuk continues to be an area where people choose to live, work and play, an area with a sustainable future where all can enjoy the outstanding scenic value, today and tomorrow …